About us


Shams started in 2019 with a fairly simple mission; to offer quality clothing to the entirety of Palestine (and beyond). The name Shams (Sun) is not coincidental, the light of the sun helps us to see. With this light we have been able to share the beauty and quality of our hand selected items and have customers in every corner of Palestine and across the world.

The earth is full of landfill sites (usually subcontracted to the global south), our wardrobes are overflowing with fast fashion that might have been worn once or twice, and the modern fashion industry only seems to be increasing the rate at which all of this is happening. We are by no means the solution to this, but we can at least make a start and we are proud to have pushed the conversation here in Palestine where we have offered an alternative to fast fashion since 2019.

At Shams, fashion is more than just the clothes we wear, it is how we wear them, why we choose to wear them and knowing about the processes involved in manufacturing each garment. This allows us to offer some of the best quality clothing around, taking care to pick good quality fabrics and manufacturers so you can love and wear your items for a longer period of time.

We are engaged in the local arts community and have supported many local events held by artists, creators and makers alike. We champion the work of local producers and designers and in 2022 we expanded to start making our own products, inspired by the past, adapted for the present.

If you managed to read this far, thank you and a special thank you to everyone who has joined our journey so far, it is just thebeginning! Stay tuned for more rare and exclusive items, limited collections, sustainable alternatives and made in Palestine products.

Only at Shams.